Axio Biosolutions collaborates with IIT Mandi Mountain Biking Club

Axio Biosolutions collaborated with IIT Mandi Mountain Biking ClubJammu and Kashmir – Leh – 27 June 2023: The IIT Mandi mountain biking club, in partnership with Axio Biosolutions, blazed a trail through the magnificent landscapes of Leh in a remarkable display of endurance and discovery. In addition to embracing the spirit of adventure, this breathtaking 14-day excursion covering 1,354 kilometers also demonstrated the ground-breaking Axio Advanced Stop Bleeding Kit (ASK).

Axio Biosolutions, a renowned MedTech company from Bengaluru, provided the riders with their cutting-edge Axio ASK to emphasize the importance of safety and readiness. Axio ASK, a ground-breaking technology revolutionizing the trauma sector, uses sophisticated chitosan hemostatic dressings to effectively stop bleeding. Axio Biosolutions is committed to preserving life and enhancing first aid procedures all throughout the country as bleeding control pioneers.

The Leh Ride presented riders with the task of crossing some of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world, including the legendary Khardung La and Chang La, against a backdrop of stunning mountain passes and cultural diversity. Eight outstanding students who made up the IIT Mandi squad underwent grueling training and conditioning to ensure they were ready for the challenging experience that lay ahead of them.

The IIT Mandi team encountered frontline soldiers who are unwaveringly committed to defending the area during the Leh Ride. Axio Biosolutions sent these brave people 10 Axio ASK bleeding control kits as a token of appreciation and support. Axio Biosolutions strives to empower those on the front lines to respond quickly and efficiently to stressful occurrences, thereby lessening the impact of accidents and saving lives. This is accomplished through bridging the gap between innovation and real-life circumstances.

In expressing his delight for the partnership, Gaurav Maheshwari, Director of Finance at Axio Biosolutions, said, “Trauma is a serious topic in modern society, with worrying figures on accidents and casualties. Nearly 1,130 accidents result in 422 fatalities each day in India, according to data from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website (source: Through the Leh Ride, we underlined our commitment to changing bleeding control procedures while simultaneously showcasing the boundless spirit of adventure. We are happy to have assisted the IIT Mandi team in their incredible endeavour as the Axio ASK marks a huge leap in emergency treatment.”

The Leh Ride is a monument to the never-ending spirit of discovery, the blending of technology and adventure, and the united goal of IIT Mandi and Axio Biosolutions to improve the usability and efficacy of bleeding management. These youthful explorers paved the path for a safer and more prepared future when cutting-edge products like the Axio ASK became an essential component of every first aid kit as they scaled new heights.

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