Awakening Parenthood Vol-1 by Rommal Surana: A Game-Changing Parenting Guide Hits the Shelves

Awakening Parenthood Vol-1 by Rommal Surana: A Game-Changing Parenting Guide Hits the ShelvesAhmednagar, India  April 30, 2024: The much-anticipated book “Awakening Parenthood Vol-1,” published by RidhzWorld Publishing and authored by respected Parenting Coach and counselor Rommal Surana, made its official debut on April 21st at a launch event in Ahmednagar. The book’s release marks a groundbreaking shift in parenting advice, offering a fresh perspective on raising children in today’s complex world.
 The Author: Rommal Surana’s Expertise
Rommal Surana, with over 12 years of experience counseling children and adolescents, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As the founder of the Nanhagyan Foundation and an educator, she has seen firsthand the challenges parents face in fostering healthy relationships with their children. Her book, a compelling collection of short stories with practical techniques and invaluable tips, addresses these challenges head-on, providing parents with the tools they need to succeed. Published by RidhzWorld Publishing: A Collaborative Success

RidhzWorld Publishing recognized the potential of “Awakening Parenthood Vol-1” early in the review process, with the book quickly gaining traction and garnering positive reviews. The enthusiastic response from publishers underscored the book’s potential to transform the parenting landscape. Its impending global release on Amazon signals an exciting opportunity for parents worldwide to access Rommal Surana’s guidance and expertise. A Book with Broad Appeal

The impact of “Awakening Parenthood Vol-1” extends far beyond literary circles. Following its launch in Ahmednagar, the book was showcased at a TedED event at MCCIA, Pune, on April 28th, where it captivated audiences with its down-to-earth wisdom and actionable advice. The book’s focus on real-world scenarios and relatable stories has struck a chord with parents seeking meaningful guidance. A New Essential for Parents

Rommal Surana’s “Awakening Parenthood Vol-1” is set to become an essential resource for parents seeking advice on navigating the complexities of modern parenting. Whether addressing everyday challenges or fostering stronger parent-child bonds, the book offers insights that are both practical and transformative.With its blend of relatable stories and expert guidance, “Awakening Parenthood Vol-1” provides parents with a roadmap to build lasting connections with their children. As the book reaches a broader audience, it is poised to leave a lasting impact on families across the globe.

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