September 24, 2023

Automovill Sets the Wheels in Motion with the Grand Opening of a 10,000 sq ft Workshop in Kolkata

Automovill Sets the Wheels in Motion with the Grand Opening of a 10,000 sq ft Workshop in Kolkata

New Delhi, 30th May 2023: Automovill, a Bengaluru-based Full-Stack Mobility solution provider, has announced the opening of its latest workshop in Kolkata. The workshop, which officially opened its doors on May 29th, 2023, is set to provide an array of value-added services to cater to the growing needs of customers in the region.

As the landscape of online players in the aftersales ecosystem evolves, Automovill recognizes the importance of establishing centralized hubs in every city. Spanning over 10,000 square feet with 8 bays and state-of-the-art equipment, the Kolkata workshop serves as a model for the company’s future expansion plans, with 10 more workshops planned across India. With a keen focus on electric vehicle (EV) fleet maintenance and insurance claim facilitation/renewal, the workshop offers charging infrastructure to ensure vehicles are charged while repairs are carried out or awaiting insurance approval. Additionally, it provides a centralized claim handling facility, meeting the demands of businesses in the city.

The workshop’s inauguration was honoured by the esteemed attendance of Mr. Mahendra Bindal, the Managing Director of SNAP-E cabs, who expressed his appreciation for the workshop’s launch. The workshop’s launch aligns with Automovill’s goals of brand building, city-based profitability, attracting new business, and catering to the increasing demand for EV fleets.

Commenting on the workshop launch, MriduMahendra Das, Co-Founder & CEO of Automovill said, “We are elated to introduce our state-of-the-art workshop in Kolkata, a significant step towards strengthening our presence in the East. While we have established workshops before, this endeavour surpasses anything we’ve undertaken in terms of scale and magnitude. It promises not only increased profitability and additional revenue but also the reinforcement of valuable partnerships with B2B enterprises and insurance claim providers. We are confident that our workshop’s advanced infrastructure and skilled technicians will provide unmatched experiences to our valued customers in Kolkata”

Nestled in the vibrant urban centre of Kolkata, the workshop’s impact reaches far beyond its immediate surroundings, reaching out to the neighbouring areas within a 5-kilometre radius. Previously devoid of a facility of such magnitude for automotive services, car owners in locales like New Town, Rajar Hat, and Salt Lake now have access to a much-needed solution through Automovill’s workshop.

Automovill has set ambitious targets following the launch of the workshop. In the first month alone, the company aims to serve over 100 B2C retail customers, handle more than 150 commercial EVs, and provide services to 25 insurance vehicles. With a strong commitment to delivering a comprehensive and high-quality experience, Automovill made a significant investment of over 20 lakhs in establishing the workshop in Kolkata. This investment not only covers the workshop facility but also extends to the provision of washing and detailing services, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

With the opening of the workshop in Kolkata, Automovill reinforces its commitment to delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions and expanding its presence across India. The company looks forward to serving customers in the region and driving the future of the aftersales ecosystem.

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