Aukera Jewellery Unveils Grown Diamond Range for New Year

Aukera Jewellery Unveils Grown Diamond Range for New Year Bengaluru, 29th December 2023: Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery presents the Gifting Collection, a culmination of artistry and emotion as the year comes to a close. Acknowledging the challenge of finding the perfect gift, the Gifting Collection from Aukera stands as a beacon of thoughtful giving.

Understanding that gifting is a profound expression of emotions, Aukera‘s collection is curated from global trends and meticulously crafted by internationally acclaimed artists. It offers a splendid array of neckwear and rings adorned with top-tier grown diamond, Each piece is a fusion of elegance, ethical sourcing, and distinctive design.

With options in 18K gold, including yellow, white, and rose gold, the Gifting Collection caters to classic and sophisticated tastes as well as those inclined towards modern and trendsetting designs. Aukera remains committed to providing ethically sourced, thoughtfully made diamond jewellery without compromising on the quality of diamonds and exclusive designs.

As the New Year approaches, Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery invites individuals to embrace the spirit of giving with gifts reflecting distinct tastes. Each piece in the Gifting Collection encapsulates refined craftsmanship and the emotions of both the giver and the joy of the receiver. Aukera encourages a celebration of love, gratitude, and the promise of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Aukera’s gifting collection includes: 

1. The Diamond Dew Drops 

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery‘s Diamond Dew Drops Collection is a captivating blend of elegance and sophistication. Ideal for both gifting and personal indulgence, this collection features hoops, drop earrings, and pendants with a delicate dangling drop that gracefully shimmers in the light. Crafted in 18 Karat gold, choose from the timeless allure of yellow gold, the classic charm of white gold, or the warmth of rose gold. The design artfully creates an illusion of dancing diamonds, reminiscent of morning dew drops.

2. Dainty Diamond Collection 

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery‘s Dainty Diamond Collection is a celebration of delicacy and elegance. From rings to hoop earrings, this collection makes for a thoughtful gift for minimalists. Crafted in 18 Karat white, yellow, or rose gold, each piece strikes the perfect balance between diamonds and gold for a touch of holiday bling. These creations are sophisticated, making them the ideal accessory for the festive season.

3. Confluence Collection 

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery‘s Confluence Collection is a harmonious blend inspired by melting pot cultures. Seamlessly intertwining white, yellow, and rose gold, this collection forms a stunning confluence, adorned with diamonds across the entwined metals. Perfect for holiday travels, the versatility of this collection ensures a dazzling accent for any occasion. Embrace cultural fusion and celebrate the richness of diversity with each piece reflecting the unique beauty that emerges when different elements come together.

4. Cocktail Ring Collection 

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery‘s Cocktail Ring Collection is a dazzling array of statement pieces that will accentuate your look for the New Year parties As you light up the dance floor, let your style shine with these bold and stylish accessories. This also makes a perfect gift choice for maximalists who prefer bigger cuts and shapes.

5. Clover Collection for New Year and Great Beginnings  

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery‘s Clover Collection signifies a fortune-filled new year—a charming ensemble of rings and pendants that encapsulate the essence of good luck. Delicately designed with a four-leaf clover motif, each piece is studded with top-notch quality diamonds, radiating elegance and fortune. These intricately crafted accessories are not just gifts but wishes for boundless luck and success. Perfect for the season of giving, let the Clover Collection adorn your loved ones with a touch of prosperity and positivity.

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