February 27, 2024

Ardent Co. Marks One-Year Milestone: Rewiring the Status Quo in the Communications Industry

Ardent Co. Marks One-Year Milestone: Rewiring the Status Quo in the Communications Industry 27 December 2023: Ardent Co., an integrated corporate-affairs advisory, with expertise in media communications, public policy, research and program management, celebrated its first anniversary on December 23rd.

Recognizing the need for client partners to engage a variety of specialized consultancies – from digital platforms experts to media experts, public-policy and social-sector advisors – to undertake the larger organizational corporate affairs goals, Ardent Co. was created to integrate the host of specialized services to provide a one-stop solution for organizations.
 Jointly founded by Mr. Aditya Charan, Co-Founder and Public Policy Lead and Mr. Sarthak Choudhary, Co-Founder and Public Relations and Media Lead, Ardent Co. over the past year has delivered on specialized projects and retainers across sectors including bio-pharmaceuticals, public-health, metals and mining, private-equity, education, E-mobility, renewable energy, digital-economy etc.
Ardent Co has delivered purpose-driven interventions for its clients leveraging media communications, ground-up public policy strategies, community-engagement initiatives, and digital-brand presence management etc.
In a rapidly evolving landscape Ardent Co. was established by its founders with a clear mission to challenge the status quo and redefine the possibilities and potential of the corporate-affairs function.
The team of Ardent Co. includes cross-functional consultants with diverse backgrounds, ranging from think tanks, political consultancies, brand communications etc. The Founders of Ardent Co. also routinely engage the guidance of their Board of Advisors which includes industry-veterans and sectoral experts.
Mr. Sarthak Choudhary, Co-Founder and Public Relations Lead noted, “Media and communications strategies lately, more so over the past decade, focused more on  PR metrics, and somewhat got distanced from the core-business objectives of organizations. While tonality and such PR metrics continue to be important, we feel fortunate to be working with our clients at Ardent to help them move beyond PR metrics, and enable our partners to leverage communications as a systematic tool aligned with business-and-organizational objectives. The future also looks bright. The top management in India-Inc, as well as the medium-enterprises and startups, are slowly but strongly recognizing the importance of communications on business outcomes.”
He further adds,Ardent Co. feels privileged to be working with our client partners amidst this evolution, and also integrating our research and cross-sectoral public-policy expertise into our communications strategies to enhance the depth.”
Mr. Aditya Charan, Co-Founder and Public Policy Lead added, “India stands at the cusp of exciting times. As we continue to solidify our economic position and as a consumer market, expected to be the 3rd largest by 2027, and 2nd largest by late 2040s, as per varying estimates, we see organizations across the board – global and domestic –sharpening their India market strategies. It is so evidently visible in the trends we have seen, in aviation, retail, automobiles etc. In this journey of strengthening and sharpening the India-market strategy, as well as the global market strategies for Indian organizations, Ardent Co. aims to continue serving as a key partner, leveraging our in-house and network capabilities.
Ardent Co. prides itself on its ability to understand the unique needs of each client and tailor communication and policy strategies that align with its values and objectives. As per the company strategy, Ardent Co. has been successful in achieving the projected growth in its communications, and public policy verticals. Accordingly, for the next two calendar years, Ardent Co. will focus on further solidifying the communications and public policy verticals, while diversifying into business advisory, with growth-and-diversification advisory being the two key focus areas.

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