November 28, 2023

Archies Limited Assisting the Visions of Cry & Helpage Foundation

New Delhi, October 13, 2022: Archies, the forerunners in the social articulation industry has today launched its catalogues for 2022 -2023 for the CRY & HelpAge foundations in order to strengthen its presence in the Indian market and also assist children and old age citizens of India. With the ongoing association with Child Rights & You (CRY) for over 4 decades, Archies has managed to help transform the lives of over 3 million children in ensuring that children get the right to the right education, and nutrition and are protected from Child labour and child marriage.

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Archies Limited Assisting the Visions of Cry & Helpage Foundation

The need for better health protection has strongly emerged. As per HelpAge India’s survey, 49% elderly expressed their aspiration for improved health through better health insurance and health facilities and 42% stated there should be more support from home. The association of Archies Limited and HelpAge India stands for over 40 years and the contribution in transforming the lives of old age citizens has been immense. The association has managed to safeguard the lives of over 3 lakh old age citizens in India.

HelpAge India has been working to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of destitute elders with one of the largest mobile healthcare networks in Asia, which provides affordable and accessible primary health facilities. During the pandemic through the association between Archies and HelpAge India extended a alot of support to the government in providing COVID-19 vaccinations to over 12 lakh elders and their communities. The pioneering Government ‘Elderline’ helpline initiative, of which has been implementing partners across 8 states, is reaching out to more than 3 lakh elders annually. Concurrently, village elders are becoming changemakers through HelpAge supported Elder-Self-Help-Groups and are self-reliant and independent. The association also focuses on our digital literacy efforts to ensure elders are able to stay connected and empowered.

Archies has managed to contribute over INR 3,27,32,440 for the HelpAge foundation since 1989 and approximately INR 2,46,56,786 to the CRY Charity foundation since the association. On the sale of greeting cards and catalogues Archies contribute around 20% of the sales cost towards the two foundations.

Mr. Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director, Archies Limited said, “We are proud to be the partners of CRY and HelpAge foundation and we are extremely delighted to have made a difference in the lives of over 3 million children and over 2 millions for old age citizens in India. Archies for us has always been a community building activity and we are happy to see the difference that our contribution has been making in the lives of so many, I urge everyone to purchase these amazing gifting cards on various occasions and make a difference through the little contribution that one individual can make”

The cost of each greeting card starts from a minimum of INR 30 and goes up till INR 55-60. The catalogues can be viewed and bought at

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