Andhra Pradesh to play a significant role in Magniflex India’s Expansion Plan

Vijayawada, January 07, 2024: Magniflex India (Made in Italy), Europe’s leading mattress brand, with a rich heritage spanning 62 years and Italian roots, anticipates substantial growth in the dynamic state of Andhra Pradesh. Historically recognized for its affluence, the state has witnessed luxury brands establishing their experience centers in Vijayawada. There is a rise in demand for quality sleep-related products post-COVID-19. This trend has led to elevated investments in luxury mattresses and a commitment to a holistic lifestyle. Notably, the upscale mattress industry, exemplified by Italian brand Magniflex India, has seen a remarkable 40% year-on-year (YoY) growth with annual revenue exceeding ₹21 Crore. To bolster its presence, Magniflex India has now introduced the Ergo Tre Electric Bed and rolled out the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP) for customers nationwide.

Commenting on Vijayawada’s market growth, Mr. Anand Nichani, Managing Director of Magniflex India said, “The luxury market in Vijayawada is exceptionally buoyant, with a noticeable shift in consumer preference toward high-quality and premium products with health benefits. This shift is driven by the increasing purchasing power of the people. In Andhra Pradesh, we achieved 28% growth in 2023, and we expect this to expand by over 30% in 2024-25. Our market expansion strategy targets emerging areas like Rajahmundry, Nellore, and Tirupati by March 2024, followed by potential areas like Vizag, Vijayawada, and Nellore. Recognizing the growing interest in premium mattresses among the younger generation, we are expanding our presence in the state.”

In the current consumer landscape, health is a priority in purchasing decisions. With this in mind, Magniflex India launched the Ergo Tre Electric Bed, a luxurious and functional product controlled by a handheld remote, and featuring ergonomic plates for tailored body support. This allows users to elevate their heads and feet, which in turn helps reduce the pressure on the spine. It also addresses issues such as back pain, snoring, acid reflux, sleep apnea, varicose veins, and swollen feet.

To meet the growing demand for quality mattresses in the state, Magniflex India has introduced the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP), offering Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) schemes starting at ₹3,535 per month across all its products, emphasizing the importance of investing in a quality mattress and enjoy better health.

Today, Magniflex India has a network of six franchises — four in Bengaluru, one in Ahmedabad, and another in Gurugram — and an extensive dealership network through around 89 stores across India.

Magniflex is committed to driving growth, fostering innovation, and ensuring customer satisfaction in South India’s dynamic landscape. The people of Andhra Pradesh, historically inclined towards opulent living, are exhibiting a growing interest in financial investments for comfort and luxury.

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