Bharti Airtel Foundation & Assam Govt. Boost School Leadership in 1,100+ Govt. Schools

Airtel Foundation & Assam Govt. Boost School Leadership in 1,100+ Govt. Schools

Jorhat, Assam 03rd May 2024: Bharti Airtel Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, in partnership with Government of Assam, initiated an extensive training under School Excellence Program to build the capacity of resource persons and Heads of Schools along with teachers.

The initiative has had a significant impact on the education quality in Jorhat, Assam. Bharti Airtel Foundation directly trained 82 resource persons, who then cascaded the training to over 5,900 Heads of Schools and teachers. This training enabled teachers and school leaders to develop annual plans with SMART goals and action steps tailored to specific needs. Furthermore, the training facilitated the implementation of effective teaching methods, benefiting over 90,000 students in more than 1,160 Government Schools in the district. As a result, students were able to learn in a more interactive and stimulating environment, ensuring access to quality education through the program.

Bharti Airtel Foundation’s Quality Support Program State Partnerships focuses on training the resource persons /master trainers, who further empower Heads of the Schools and Teachers to enhance the overall schooling experience for the children. At the recent program culmination and award ceremony, 1,167 schools showcased their school’s vision, mission, action plan, and accomplishments. The event provided a valuable learning opportunity as schools shared their best practices. Parash Goswami, District Program Officer of Teacher Training & Pedagogy, SSA Jorhat along with Jonali Kataky, District Program Officer of SSA Jorhat and Manish Thakur, Block Elementary Education Officer, Jorhat felicitated five schools with Best School Award and three Cluster Resource Centre Coordinators for their efforts in establishing their clusters as Best Clusters.

Best Schools Awarded: Mohbondha Bagan LP from Mohbondha Cluster, Jorhat; SPB GIRLS HSS from Dhekiajuli Cluster, Titabor; 107 No. Nowboisha LPS from Potiagaon Cluster, North West Block; Chumoimara LPS from Lahowal Cluster, East Block and 157 No. Bamkukurachowa LP, Madhya Chowkhat (A) Cluster, Central Block.

Best Clusters Awarded (Cluster Resource Centre Coordinators were the representatives): Sabita Mazumder Talukdar, Mohbondha Cluster, Jorhat Block; Nipon Saikia, Baligaon Cluster, Northwest Block and Arun Konwar, Turung Cluster Titabor Block.

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