November 29, 2023
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Adbuffs introduces a new studio called Shutterbuffs that produces quality content for your business


Shutterbuffs studio produces content; including, photoshoots, videos, and reels, for your business according to your preference. 

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Shutterbuffs, formed in July 2022, is a new in-house studio that provides content for your business profile, creating top-notch and compact content for clients. A new addition introduced by Adbuffs, a digital marketing agency based in Kolkata offers excellent service to their D2C clients, shutterbuffs that prioritise clients’ requirements and instant results.

It started with the idea of providing photoshoots, videos, reels and user-generated content for performance creatives that help in marketing. With the launch of shutterbuffs, we aim to produce more impactful content that will benefit and promote our client’s business. When ‘Shutterbuffs’ was just a plan limited to one confined place and a DSLR, it was formed with a vision; to create quality content and brainstorm innovative ideas. In months, as the progression began and profit rolled in, along with the addition of equipment, it was shifted from one bedroom studio to a full-fledged pro studio.

Working on the projects strenuously and with commitment is the motto of shutterbuffs. Clients’ satisfaction and building contacts through work excellence is what ‘shutterbuffs’ aims for. If the content leads to profit and the client’s business is soaring then shutterbuffs’ carried a successful task.

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