Actor Vineet Kumar Chaudhary Shares Childhood Navratri Memories from ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev

Actor Vineet Kumar Chaudhary Shares Childhood Navratri Memories from 'Karmadhikari ShanidevShemaroo TV consistently offers its audience shows that not only entertain but also impart valuable lessons, and one such beloved mythological show is ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev.’ This show delves into the life of the powerful celestial deity Shanidev, moving beyond familiar narratives. Vineet Kumar Chaudhary, who portrays Shanidev, embodies spirituality in real life, and as Chaitra Navratri approaches, he embraces its essence. Reflecting on moments of devotion, Vineet shares insights into his family’s heartfelt rituals, emphasizing the joyful atmosphere filled with prayers and hymns during this period. Fondly reminiscing childhood memories of Kanjak Puja, Vineet recalls the rituals and his family’s spiritual commitment.
Vineet Kumar Chaudhary fondly shared his memories of Durga Puja, stating, “My family and I are devoted to Mata. During Navratri, we worship Mata ji with deep devotion, lighting an Akhand Diya (Unbroken flame) with a Kalash. My mother and neighbouring aunties used to gather at our home to sing hymns in front of the idol. The atmosphere is filled with divine energy throughout the nine days. Every day, a Pandit ji visits our home to recite Durga Saptashati and perform puja aarti. The whole house is filled with positivity, and it’s a wonderful feeling.”
Reflecting on his childhood, he warmly recalled a special memory of Kanjak Puja, saying, “I still remember on the ninth day of Navratri, my mother would perform Kanjak Puja. After serving Halwa Puri to the girls, she would give them gifts and money. I would also eagerly ask for gifts, and my mother would lovingly take me out to buy something. That insistence remains a cherished memory for me. My family has a strong spiritual inclination, and I feel blessed to have received the opportunity to play Shanidev in ‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ show.”
‘Karmadhikari Shanidev’ centres on Shanidev, the deity of karma and justice. It portrays Shanidev’s responsibility in ensuring that individuals encounter the outcomes of their deeds, whether positive or negative, in an equitable and impartial manner. Through its narrative, viewers come to understand that Shanidev is not a figure to dread, but rather a force for impartiality and fairness. Additionally, the show delves into Shanidev’s emotional depth and compassionate nature, aiming to debunk myths and misunderstandings surrounding him.
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