February 27, 2024

Aayera hosted the “THE ADAS SHOW 2023” at the ICAT

12th December 2023: Aayera, a global business information firm hosted the “THE ADAS SHOW” 2023” at The International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) centre in Manesar, Gurugram under the aegis of the Ministry of Heavy Industries. The event witnessed leading dignities like Honorable Shri Hanif Qureshi, IPS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Shri Saurabh Dalela, Director of ICAT among many others as major guests.

More than 45 leading OEMs such as BMW, MG, HONDA and auto tech companies showcased the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology. ADAS has rapidly become a focal point in the automotive world, revolutionising safety, convenience, and the overall driving experience in India.  At the show, leading like BMW  showcased the ‘ADAS LIVE DEMO’, concluding as one of the event’s highlights. A close-up view of the newest ADAS technology in operation was given to participants in this lively and captivating event. Showcasing their creative solutions in actual driving situations were automakers, ADAS technology providers, and manufacturers of ADAS testing equipment. Automotive test systems headed by Mr. S Ramanathan, MD ATS managed  the entire track event.

Commenting on the show, Mr. Hanif Qureshi, IPS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Heavy Industries said” The growing adoption of ADAS technology positions India to become a leader in the global automobile industry. This game-changing technology has the potential to revolutionize the Indian auto sector, and we encourage OEMs to prioritize its development and implementation”.

Commenting on the show, Mr. Saurabh Dalela, Director of ICAT, said, “We are delighted to present the ADAS show, and participation from leading auto players has helped us to showcase the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive technology. At this event, we are nurturing and fostering an ecosystem that supports innovation and industry growth for the Indian Auto industry.

The one-day event witnessed cutting-edge technology by various auto companies, Expert Speaker Sessions and Live Demonstrations at the ICAT center.

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