Aalekh Foundation depicts unique imagery of women empowerment at art exhibition by Pooja Kashyap

Aalekh Foundation depicts unique imagery of women empowerment at  art exhibition by Pooja KashyapNew Delhi, March 27, 2024: Aalekh Foundation, a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s rights and empowerment, successfully presented a solo art exhibition at the prestigious Travancore Palace on KG Marg. The exhibition, held on March 22nd and 23rd, showcased the remarkable works of Ms. Pooja Kashyap, an esteemed artist and History professor at Delhi University.

The event was glorified by esteemed personalities, including Padmashri and AIFACS governing body head, Biman Das, as the Guest of Honour, along with Padma bhushan Rajeev Sethi  Padmashri Shovana Narayan, Naresh Kapuria, Saurabh Wasson Director of Art Fair India, Neelam Pratap Rudy, and Anoop Mittal, Ex-CMD of NBCC, Swapna Liddle,

The Aalekh Foundation has steadfastly committed to achieving the G20 goals, with a particular focus on women’s and children’s welfare and empowerment. Rennie Joyy, Founder of Aalekh Foundation, expressed her delight at the exhibition’s success, stating, “At Aalekh Foundation, we are committed to creating platforms that amplify the voices and talents of women. This exhibition not only celebrates the artistic prowess of Pooja Kashyap but also serves as a powerful reminder of the vital role women play in shaping our society. It’s our dream to make this world a safe and productive place for women, inspiring and assisting them to overcome their challenges with bravery and shine with bright colours in all walks of life, contributing to a brighter future for all.”

The exhibition featured diverse artworks, from intricate murals depicting women as custodians of art and culture to mesmerizing portrayals of divine feminine energy. One of the event’s highlights was Kashyap’s mesmerizing portrayal of Ardhnarishwar, a divine coalescence of Shiva and Devi, symbolizing the intrinsic power and balance of feminine and masculine energies.

Reflecting on the exhibition’s significance, Ms. Pooja Kashyap remarked, “Through my artwork, I aim to capture women’s strength, resilience, and beauty. It is an honour to collaborate with the Aalekh Foundation to promote women’s empowerment through art. I am thankful to the Aalekh Foundation for supporting me and giving me a chance to portray women’s important role in the society we live in through my paintings.”

With its unparalleled initiatives, Aalekh Foundation aims to underscore the significance of women’s empowerment in building a more inclusive and equitable society. The foundation endeavours to inspire and uplift women from all walks of life by providing a platform for talented artists like Pooja Kashyap.

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