79 Percent Businesses in Asia Actively Leverage Tech To Enhance Last-Mile Logistics Efficiency: Locus’ New Research Report

India, 18 September 2023: Locus, a market-leading dispatch management SaaS company, released a new research report, Decoding Asia’s LastMile Maturity, uncovering valuable insights about the current state of lastmile logistics in India, Indonesia, the UAE, and other Asian countries. It also shows progress and gaps in the ecosystem, and the pivotal role of technology in driving business success.

The report reveals that 79% of businesses across Asia are harnessing the technology to enhance their lastmile efficiency, but a staggering 84% lack confidence in their processes to drive growth and enhance customer experiences. These findings underscore that there’s widespread adoption of technology in the industry however, a majority of businesses are not able to leverage it to its full potential.

“Solving deep-seated lastmile challenges requires a deep understanding of your business’s lastmile maturity. Therefore, to help businesses across sectors gauge their maturity and supercharge their lastmile growth, we recently launched the LastMile Maturity Assessment. Data from these responses has shown that today only 40% of businesses in Asia have scratched the surface of tech-driven lastmile prowess, showing that there is an untapped opportunity for businesses to achieve success. We want this report to reflect key trends and opportunities for businesses, so can they get inspired to optimize their logistics and achieve greater revenues and superior customer experiences”, says, Mehul Kapadia, Chief Revenue Officer, Locus.

The report unveils the performance of the businesses across five key logistics metrics, including LastMile Excellence, Customer Experience, Workforce Empowerment, Advanced Analytics, and Sustainability.

Some key findings:

  • India emerges as a leader in Advanced Analytics with a score of 3.59 out of 5, pointing to the growing reliance of businesses on big data analytics and other new-age technologies to optimize and transform their lastmile into revenue generating machinery.

  • India excels in Workforce Empowerment in the lastmile logistics with 3.42 out of 5, indicating that the businesses are investing in and leveraging robust tech solutions such as advanced route planning, geocoding, etc., to make the lives of the delivery drivers better.

  • The UAE leads in Lastmile Excellence with an impressive score of 3 out of 5. Infact, a whopping 70% of the UAE businesses are embracing multiple lastmile technologies, reshaping customer expectations in the booming e-commerce landscape in the region.

  • In Customer Experience scores, the UAE leads with an average of 3.73 out of 5, surpassing the industry average of 3.53, followed by India, Indonesia, and others.

  • The UAE again leads in Sustainability with a score of 4.16 out of 5, followed by India at 3.78, while Indonesia falls below the global average at 2.55.

Furthermore, the report offers vital industry insights into 3PL & CEP, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and other sectors. For instance, it highlights a common trend where sustainability, though considered strategically important, often lacks comprehensive follow-through. Specifically, carbon emissions tracking is overlooked in 3 out of 5 industries. Overall, the analysis shows that 49% of global organizations lack confidence in tracking sustainability metrics to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

To know more insights from the report, visit: Locus’ Decoding Asia’ LastMile Maturity Report

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