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35 ground-breaking products and solutions by startups launched at Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) 2023

35 ground-breaking products and solutions by startups launched at   Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) 2023Hyderabad,01st December 2023: The Department of Electronics, IT, BT, and S & T, Government of Karnataka, proudly unveiled 35 ground-breaking products and solutions developed by startups during the 26th edition of the Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) 2023. The second edition of Startup Product Launch held at the Startup Innovation Zones over the 2nd and 3rd days of the summit. This initiative reflects the state’s commitment to fostering innovation across a diverse spectrum of industries.

Key Highlights:

Sector-Agnostic Innovation: The launched products and solutions spanned a multitude of sectors, including IT/ITeS, Agri-Tech, Med-Tech, Healthcare, Clean-Tech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Tech, Blockchain, IoT, Cybersecurity, Environment Tech, AVGC and ESDM.

Diversity of Offerings: The array of innovative solutions included electronic devices integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), advancements in automotive manufacturing, innovations in footwear and accessories, technologies in avionics & defence, effluent air treatment solutions, apps to prevent fraudulent transactions, fabric authentication tools, Animations & Comics, and Deep Tech-based platforms for quality assessment.

Incubator Support: Majority of the startups have flourished within Government of Karnataka-supported incubators, such as K-tech Innovation Hubs, Centres of Excellence (CoEs), and Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) anchored by esteemed institutions like C-CAMP, NASSCOM, Jain Incubation Centre, Deshpande Startups, and CoE – Cybersecurity.

Government Backing: Several startups featured in this showcase have received financial grant support through the Government’s Idea2PoC / ELEVATE Grant-in-aid seed funding program, highlighting the state’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering a culture of innovation.

Diversity and Inclusion: Out of the 35 startups, a noteworthy 09 are women-led, underlining the inclusive and diverse nature of Karnataka’s startup ecosystem.

The products are launched in the presence of –

  • Shri Priyank Kharge, Hon’ble Minister for Electronics, IT & Bt, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, Government of Karnataka
  • Shri Prashanth Prakash, Chairman, Vision Group for Startups, Government of Karnataka

List of innovative products/solutions launched:

30-Nov-2023, 10:30AM to 11:30AM
Sl. No. Name of the Startup Sector Product Name Innovator Name
1 Armanium PVT LTD Automotive Manufacturing Skullmate Rahul HM
  Anti hair fall helmet with additional safety for neck and spinal cord injury
2 Mountain Flower Animation Pvt Ltd AVGC Nammuru Rajat Divate
  Nammuru is an animation series which is based on India’s culture, tradition and history. It is a combination of education and entertainment. This series is a representation of our rich culture and heritage and how day to day activities is connected to traditions and also has scientific reasons behind it.
3 Tad Aircon Private Limited Health Care Indoor Air Quality Improvement Adrian Melroy Corneleo
  Reduce the Emissions Intensity by saving Energy for the air-handling fan motor. Reduce Plastic waste generated, avoiding disposable plastic filter frames against reusable permanent metal filter frames. Increase Carbon credits by saving electrical power, installation space-saving, and saving on central Air Handling unit modification material. Use a single filter rack against 3 filter racks. Improves indoor air quality by removing microscopic pollutants and reduces one of the causes of heart(Cardiovascular) disease.
4 uniQin.ai Technology uptick Roshni Mohandas / Shobhit Singh
  Our company offers an AI-powered SaaS pricing platform to small & medium eCommerce retailers.Our goal is to enable them to maximize their revenue, profit or market share.
5 Neofysis Biotech Private Limited Biotechnology Bio Traptor PK Faisal
  Bio Traptor – A Bio-Smart device, that “Attracts & Kills“ mosquitoes  with  100%  Eco-Safe  patented technology.
6 Nikhilon India Pvt Ltd Aveonics & Defence High Speed ADC Board Ashok Nerale, Krishna Murthy
  High Speed ADC Board has a versatile ADC that can be used in a wide variety of applications.  Its low power consumption, small package size, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for space-constrained applications.  Its outstanding dynamic performance and high-speed data acquisition capabilities make it well-suited for a variety of demanding applications.
7 Aspirar Sphere Pvt Ltd Wellness Veachoc Abdul Jaleel HC
  Simple solution for iron deficiency in form of chocolate
8 Digitrii Solutions Private Limited Saas/Fintech One Communn Lakshmikanth
  COMMUNN aims to revolutionise the digital presence of communities and enhance interaction, communication, Payment subscriptions and community management.
Using interactive dashboards, which help in user management, and subscriptions. It also aids in automating group management and end-to-end operations using Cutting Edge breathtaking technology Using AI ML & Next Gen Tech.
9 Mystic clean energy tech LLP MedTech Oxygen generator Adappa
  Our is a medical oxygen generator, which extracts pure oxygen from water. The extracted oxygen can be supplied to patients for their oxygen needs, our system is a compact device which can fit in a corner, it can support a patient continuously. The only raw material needed is water and electricity.
10 CED LABS PRIVATE LIMITED Electronics Product SODAN (Subterranean grOund assets Detect, Analyze and maNage system) Rudraradhya P, Suresh S, Rakesh S , Udayakuma, Dr Sumalatha
  Geo Tagging assets at an accuracy of 2 CM, With RTK Protocol. UHF RFID Integrated. Wifi, Bluetooth, 5.4 Inch Display, 7000 Mah Battery, Android OS, Cloud Integrated
11 Changepay MMS Technologies PVT LTD Hyperlocal SAAS platform Changepay – Smart IoT Food Delivery Locker Dhyvik GJ
  “E-Commerce App and IOT enabled UltraBox for contactless deliveries in closed communities Our “All in one App” to serve all essential needs of students & Our IoT UltraBox enables convenient & efficient “Merchant to hand” contactless delivery (and reverse flow as well) with inbuit UV-C Sanitisationresidents while ensuring social distancing
12 DeepVisionTech Pvt. Ltd. Social Impact Product Let’sTalkSign Jayasudan Munsamy
  Let’sTalkSign is an automatic Sign Language interpreter, that translates Sign Language to speech/text and Speech/text to Sign Language. It will empower Deaf, Speech & Hearing impaired people to ‘live independently’ by enabling them to Communicate, get Education in Sign Language, get Livelihood Training and get access to Public Services like Healthcare, Banking & Legal. It will also help Organizations to be Deaf inclusive.
13 AERONUTS Defense and Maritime Amphibious Drone Gouthami T S and Jitendra Kumar Purnmal Saini
  AquaAirX pioneers the development of Hybrid Aerial and Underwater Amphibious Drones, a groundbreaking innovation poised to revolutionize maritime inspections. These drones integrate aerial and underwater capabilities, seamlessly transitioning between air and water, thereby providing unparalleled efficiency in inspection tasks.
30-Nov-2023, 05:30PM to 06:00PM
Sl. No. Name of the Startup Sector Product Name Innovator Name
1 Vitra.ai AI Translate.website Satvik Jagannath &  Akash Nidhi P S
  Translate Videos, Image, Podcast, Text to 75+ languages with 1-click Translate.video will unify your video translation and distribution in the future, by providing 1-click publish to all social media platforms and manage global audience in a single place. ” Our goal is to help content creators translate videos 100x faster than any other process! “
2  Wrixte Infosec Private Limited Cybersecurity Wrixte SOC Suite Naveen Belgode, Utkarsh Bhargava
  At Wrixte, we offer a dual AI powered SIEM solution that offers real-time security monitoring, correlation, and analysis of security events and alerts generated by network devices, servers, applications, and other sources. Wrixte SIEM enables organizations to gain 360° visibility into their IT security posture and improve their incident response capabilities.
3 Impeccbale Innovations Pvt. Ltd. FoodTech SPORTIFY CELKEY ARNAB GUHA
  Impeccable Innovations Pvt Ltd (IIPL) is a 6+year-old AgriHealthFood Start-up based in Whitefield, Bangalore-66, Karnataka, India. Initially from FY2016-18, IIPL was primarily into R&D oriented consultancy services to food start-ups, SMEs, MSMEs & MNCs. In Feb.2019, IIPL pivoted the business model to food manufacturing and offline marketing & sales in Feb.2019. IIPL believed that by having better control over the R&D of innovative technologies, mass-scale production, marketing & sales, IIPL will be able to serve the nutrition space more holistically.
4 Inferigence Quotient Pvt Ltd Deep Tech I3MaP Dr Neeta Trivedi and Mr N Krishnamurthy
  Intelligent Infrastructure Inspection Management Platform (I3MaP) is composed of an asset subsystem I3MaP-A and a cloud subsystem I3MaP-C. I3MaP-A comprises a drone and ground station with intelligent mission planning and autonomy software. I3MaP-C is a multi-tenancy SaaS with AI and Image Processing at the backend. I3MaP-C analyses the data received from I3MaP-A and generates inspection report. The infrastructures covered include Solar Plants, Windmills, and Agricultural Fields.
5 Evoride Motors Pvt Ltd Automotive EV EvoScoot® Rahul
  The EvoScooT® is our first product. It’s a Factory to Fleet, Plug and Play Electric Scooter designed to be perfectly suited for shared mobility, logistics delivery fleet and personal requirements.

6 Dseide Healthcare Network Pvt Ltd     Healthcare            Dseide                  Nikhila C R/Bharath   EvoScoot® Rahul
  Our innovative platform is a catalyst for growth, allowing you to harness the power of collective knowledge, create valuable partnerships, and amplify your impact. With a robust set of features designed to enhance collaboration, Dseide empowers you to showcase your expertise, discover new possibilities, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements  

7 Core Nano LLP              Edu-Tech               Nano Edu Kit                Dr. Kiruba Daniel / Ms Kavya N
  Corenano LLP is a nanotechnology based startup involved in the development of Nanotechnology Practical Teaching Kits for the first time in the world. Students can make Nanoparticles Anytime and Anywhere within 5 minutes using this Kit
01-Dec-2023, 11:00AM to 12:30PM
Sl. No. Name of the Startup Sector Product Name Innovator Name
1 Personal Air Quality Systems Pvt. Ltd. Healthcare Clean Air Helmet A. Vaidyanathan
  PAQS has created a new generation”Clean Air Helmet” to enable two wheeler riders to escape from the miseries of inhaling polluted air and health harming exhaust in Indian cities. It is estimated that about 40% of urban pollution is caused by traffic and the speed in city roads in under 20 kmph. PAQS Clean Air Helmets are IoT enabled,  provide Clean Air, as also advisories in taking less polluted routes
2 Logy.AI Healthcare AI Eye & Oral Screening Solution Priyanjit Ghosh, Dr. Nivedita Tiwari, Anand Panchbhai, Vinay Khobragade
  Build quality Artificial Intelligence with minimum effort and without writing a single line of code. We help you bring your ideas to reality with user-friendly AI building tools. Say Hi to Logy.AI-for-Dentistry, Share your name, age and other basic details, Send an image of the inside of your mouth, Get your report in under a minute
3 Qliclabs Technologies Private Limited B2B SaaS / Fintech Eprise Vignesh Prabhu / Sachin Kamath
  Streamline Your Business,Effortlessly. Simplify Your Finances. Unleash Your Business Potential. Discover the Power of our All-in-One Accounting Platform Access Your Financial Data Anywhere, Anytime                                                                                                              Enjoy quick and hassle-free billing, easily send party statements, request payments, and generate reports, ensuring seamless control over your business operations.
4  DocTrue Technologies  Healthcare  DocTrue Virtual Queuing App  Akshay Ramesh / Pushkar R Shankar
  Simplified Patient Flow, Intelligent Queue, Management, Say goodbye to long waiting times and embrace a streamlined clinic experience with our automated OPD management service
5 Smartgeniee Miniature FMS Pvt. Ltd. UrbanTech & Skilling

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