2030KaBharat Kickstarts its SDG projects in Indore Today

2030KaBharat Kickstarts its SDG projects in Indore Today01st June 2024: Under the 2030KaBharat campaign dedicated to Sustainable Development Goals, a series of impactful projects were launched in Indore today. These projects address critical issues such as poverty, hunger, and quality education, along with providing support for street vendors and rehabilitation and welfare for prisoners. Led by social worker, writer, and political strategist Atul Malikram, 2030KaBharat campaign envisions an educated and prosperous nation. The campaign aims to expand these projects to 10 states across the country by March 2026.

Explaining about these projects, Pawan Tripathi, Chief Branding and Communications Officer, said, “It is a matter of pride for us to start this initiative from Indore. Through these projects, we are taking the initiative to train teachers of open schools in small towns and alleys with the aim of promoting quality education while helping to end poverty and hunger by providing several means. Additionally, we plan to distribute 1 lakh standees as support to street vendors. Our goal is to brand and market products from 100 prisons as part of our efforts to rehabilitate and support prisoners. These products will be made available to customers through online stores, reflecting our commitment to their welfare and reintegration into society. “

Highlighting other important points related to the projects, Rohit Chandel, Project  Key Co-ordinator, said, “Funding for these projects will come from the CSR of the corporate sector, and through this initiative, various sections of society will be empowered, and significantly contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, India’s 40- to 45-year-old youth leaders and intellectuals will be interviewed on the Sustainable Development Goals to share their views on eliminating poverty and hunger in India and making quality education accessible to all.”

This important step of the 2030KaBharat campaign will provide a new direction to the deprived sections of society and help in realizing the dream of an educated and prosperous India.

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