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Virtual Production Startup Holocraft launches Holotrack, enabling camera tracking within Unreal Engine

Mumbai, May 2022: Holocraft, a Chennai based company which primarily focuses on real-time animation and virtual production technologies – has launched a new product- Holotrack. Holotrack is a plug and plays real-time camera tracking system which is primarily developed to work within Unreal Engine.

Tested in various production environments and designed from the ground up to be incredibly intuitive and highly accessible with a robust tracking system capable of markerless tracking, Holotrack provides accurate real-time camera tracking data to the unreal engine for Hybrid green screen and LED in-camera VFX virtual production.

Holotrack’s real-time tracking solution facilitates the tracking and transfer of physical camera coordinates to the virtual engine. “Procuring and setting up camera tracking systems can be an expensive, time-consuming and technically challenging affair. Due to this many production houses and technicians shy away from adopting and implementing virtual production technology in our industry. Holotrack intends to provide a simplified and cost-effective camera tracking system that is tailored to enable first time users to quickly adapt to virtual production”, said Mr. Praveen Jayachandran, Co-founder of Holocraft.

Holocraft is a complete Made-in-India product, and the company intends to sell this product across Asia to increase the Virtual Production adoption. The company also assures providing dedicated support to filmmakers for any queries regarding the product and Virtual Production.

“Holotrack is absolutely cost-effective as it’s a plug & play solution which can be installed in any location, saving rental and permanent setup costs involved in other products. Additional to this, Holotrack is an indigenously produced product so our client can save on import duty and another related costs”, said Mr. Sreejith Sreenivas, Co-founder of Holocraft.

The company first ventured into virtual production back in 2019, and the major hurdles that the company had to face were sourcing an efficient and cost-effective camera tracking system. This pushed the company to come up with our own in-house tracking system which ultimately led to the development of Holotrack.

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