Harish Kohli President & MD Acer India, Dr. K Bhujang Shetty Chairman & MD Narayana Nethralaya, Retd. Grp. Capt. S K Mittal VSM CEO of Narayana Nethr

Narayana Nethralaya and Acer India Team up to build India’s first PC & tablet-based software therapy for children suffering from Cortical Visual Impairment

New Delhi, May 2021: Narayana Nethralaya in collaboration with Acer India today launched the PC + tablet based software, “VisioNova” designed for children suffering from Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). This initiative by Narayana Nethralaya and Acer India aims at breaking down barriers and providing the patients with better access to treatment.

Acer VisioNova, a path-breaking innovation was conceptualized as a mobile alternative to on-site therapy for CVI children that will offer them the standard of care. Narayana Nethralaya as a part of its ‘Buds to Blossoms’ initiative provides dedicated therapy programs to help children develop and improve motor, cognitive and visual abilities that significantly improve their quality of life.

Cortical Visual Impairment is a condition of bilateral visual loss caused due to injury of visual areas in the brain without significant eye or anterior visual pathway impairment. CVI is currently an emerging cause amongst children across India. With 161 children in every 100,000 born with CVI, India has declared it to be a high priority issue and classified it as one of 30 conditions that all babies must receive mandatory screenings. These children with CVI have great difficulty in performing visually guided activities and these therapies rely on machines that are bulky, expensive and require the child to be in the hospital for the entire duration of six-to-nine-month therapeutic process. In order to address this, Acer provided PC and 100+ tablets under CSR to kick-off this noble cause. Acer has also further intent to supply around 2000 tablets for patients where patients can pay the hospital a small, refundable deposit and receive the tablet for use from the comforts of their home and still continue treatments even with COVID disruptions.

The tablet will offer CVI patients exercises that can benefit and help them develop and improve their deficient skills and visual abilities that significantly improve the quality of life. Also, since a number of specialised therapies that are deployed require expensive equipments that need the child to be present at the center for the entire duration of the treatment, this tablet will allow remote therapy under the mentorship of Narayana Nethralaya’ CVI experts, making this treatment accessible to the outreach.

On the occasion of this launch, Mr. Harish Kohli, President & Managing Director, Acer India said, “It is a matter of pride for us to join this innovative collaboration with Narayana Nethralaya where technology helps break barriers to improve lives. Acer VisioNova engineered the overall solution, comprising both the software and the hardware. At Acer, we always believe in closing the gap between people and technology and to meaningfully improve clinical outcomes and reduce the systemic cost of healthcare, VisioNova will help patients with timely access to care when they need it.

“With Buds to Blossoms and Acer India initiative, we are aiming to make differently-abled children independent and integrate them to the normal stream of society. This collaboration is important for us to help integrate the CVI patients. Acer VisioNova is a next-gen software which is a dedicated solution to help over hundreds of visually impaired children from their homes,” said Dr. Bhujang Shetty, Founder & Chairman, Narayana Nethralaya Eye Institute, Bengaluru.

With Acer Visionova and ‘Buds to Blossoms’ initiative, today is even better poised to help improve the lives of these innocent children. Buds to Blossoms and Acer are proud to be by their side and enable them to live a life full of joy and independence.

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