Metadome logo Unveils A New Brand Identity With Redesigned Logo and Website

New Delhi, May  2022; Metadome, an immersive platform layer enabling enterprises to be metaverse ready, announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity redesigning its logo and website. These changes come as the company continues its rapid growth and expansion into the metaverse space.

The new logo is a refreshed, modern take on the iconic Metadome Hexagon M, it’s developed with logo variations designed to fit seamlessly across a variety of channels and mediums. The Hexagonal “M” is made up of 11 hexagons, and the typeface logo “Metadome” is used in the days one font type. The Metadome logo is derived from a honeycomb structure (hexagonal), which is known to be the strongest, most stable, and lightest composition of all. The logo color is inspired by our brand’s futuristic, friendly, and trustworthy notion. The use of white, gunmetal blue, and a variety of unique secondary and tertiary colors allows us to embrace both light and dark UI modes, and the brand colors also include gradient shades to add character.

The redesigned website will consist of easy-to-navigate pages along with an updated and simplified set of instructions ensuring a quick and easy understanding of Metadome’s offerings and values. The design has a modern gradient feel to it, and the layout is structured with customers in mind, providing a seamless user experience. The company page has been created to commemorate our brand’s one-of-a-kind story and to showcase the virtual experiences that come to life with Metadome’s technology.

Kanav Singla Founder & CEO Metadome said “In the last year, our company has grown rapidly, establishing partnerships with the industry’s biggest brands and solidifying our position as the go-to company to create virtual shopping experiences for the automobile or retail industries among the many. Our new brand identity is innovative, modern, futuristic, and professional.”

Co-Founder & CRO, Prashant Sinha “We are thrilled to introduce the innovative Metadome Logo that will support our vision, mission, and core values. Keeping our innovation and objective in mind the newly designed logo represents the possibilities and potential of immersive tech.”

Metadome aims to strengthen the relationship with its audience by keeping its promise of dependability and commitment. The rebranding is just the beginning of a long journey towards providing immersive Metaverse experiences for brands and their customers.

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