December 9, 2023

Publishers & Booksellers Guild inaugurates the last edition of its unique venture, ‘Tomar Aamar Boimela’

Kolkata, July 2022: The Publishers & Booksellers Guild, the organiser of the International Kolkata Book Fair, had introduced ‘Tomar Aamar Boimela’ in Kolkata housing complexes and blocks to boost awareness of primary Bengali novels and connect readers to the authors at the same time.

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‘Tomar Amar Boimela’, was first organised at the Regent Park Government Housing Estate Community Center followed by the fair at Utsav-Utsarg Housing Complex of Santoshpur.
The inauguration of the last phase of the event took place on Friday, 15 July, 5:30 pm at FD Block Community Centre, FD Park, Bidhannagar in the presence of eminent personalities like Shri Samaresh Majumdar, renowned Indian Author, Banibrata Banerjee, Mayor in Council Health
Krishna Chakraborty,Mayor of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, Shri Sudhangshu Shekhar Dey, President, Publishers and Booksellers Guild and Shri Tridib Kumar Chattopadhyay, General Secretary, Publishers and Booksellers Guild. The book fair will be continued till 17th July, Sunday from 2pm till 9pm.

Publishers and Booksellers Guild’s Secretary Tridib Kumar Chattopadhyay has commented, “This initiative by The Publishers and Booksellers Guild was very well received by the people. Tomar Aamar Boimela’s approach to the public was to raise awareness and connect with Bengali readers, old and young. We are very happy that this was a success and look forward to introducing more such endeavours to the people.”

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