Celebrating Budding Talents – Aamad Dance Centre is back with the Annual Kathak Festival – Srijan

NEW DELHI: MAY  2022- Aamad Dance Centre is going to organize the Srijan,an Annual Kathak Festival on May 8, 2022, at Shri Ram Centre Auditorium, Mandi House New Delhi from 6 PM onwards.

The annual Kathak festival will celebrate SRIJAN, a budding artist through Guru Shishya Parampara. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to daily life and children are experiencing these changes deeply. Most of us have already welcomed the normal routine of returning to school and regular activities. The purpose of this annual program is to provide platforms to emphasize the important phase in human life- childhood, which marks the foundation of the personality & emotional resilience capacity of any person. Express their emotions through their specially choreographed performances which engage them positively and help them to manage related stress, fear, and anxiety.

The event will witness amazing solo Kathak performances by two disciples of Guru Rani Khanam – Ridhima Singh and Shubhangee Goyal. The audience will get to see many group performances by artists of AAMAD Dance Centre who will present Bandish along with a few other presentations. One of the performances will be ‘Devi Bhajo Durga Bhavani’ – Durga Stuti performed by the group. Later, another group performance on Thumri on the song ‘Sab ban than aayi shayna pyari re.’ Shikha Sharma and her group will present a few Gatnikas of Nawab Wajid Ali shah and will be accompanied by Guru Rani Khanum Ji on Padhant, Tabla by Naushad Ahmed Ji, Vocal by Shuheb Hasan ji and Sarangi by Nasir Khan Ji. Other groups will perform Kedar Sargam and Malkaus Tarana followed by traditional Kathak by young students.

The main highlight of the festival is Rani Khanam’s performance on live poetry by Jayanti Ranganathan, a renowned author. She will be reciting poetry on the theme of Srijan, and Guru Rani Khanam will do the Abhinaya aspect of the Kathak dance.

Besides, Aamad also invited young artists to draft poems and do paintings on the Srijan theme. Selected poems and paintings will be presented in the program, dance performances will be composed of selected poems and paintings will be added to the program’s invitation card & posters and other participants will receive appreciation certificates.

Talking about the annual Kathak festival, Kathak exponent and founder of Aamad Dance Centre, Guru Rani Khanam, said, “The pandemic affected children the most. The growing phase of human life is particularly important as they learn the skills of life. The children saw the changes during the pandemic and the lockdown and slowly adopted the normal routine of life. This platform of performing arts focuses on the old tradition of the Guru-Shishya Parampara that also instructs the students about the devotion and behaviour towards their teacher. Embrace a new mindset as they perform on a bigger platform to express their emotions through their dance.”

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