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World Hand Hygiene Day’ at The Resort Mumbai

‘World Hand Hygiene Day’ was celebrated on Thursday, this year.

Hand hygiene is especially relevant in the post-Covid period when common surfaces could lead to a resurgence of the coronavirus and precipitate a new wave of the pandemic.

To emphasise the importance of hand hygiene, The Resort Hotel in Mumbai held a very special activity. Hands, it is widely recognised, are one of the most common entry points of germs and other pathogens. The event highlighted the ways to prevent and control infections from entering the body through the hands to maintain all-round good health.

This year’s global theme was, ‘Unite for Safety: Clean Your Hands’. Clean hands can inculcate safe habits, and usher in a culture of hygiene and safety.

All members of The Resort, including senior management, housekeeping, and support staff, participated enthusiastically. They prepared powerful, creative slogans to draw attention to the need to always keep hands clean.

Posters and slogans were posted across the property. Plays were enacted to sensitise visitors on the exact way to sanitize their hands to ensure that they become germ-free. Critical times when hand hygiene needs particular attention — such as before cooking, eating, or feeding others and after use of the bathroom — were discussed. Visitors were educated about the various types of microorganisms that enter the body via the hands, and the types of diseases that can ensue. The latter include common illnesses such as common cold, chicken pox, hepatitis A and E, norovirus infection and typhoid.

Mr Satyajit Kotwal, General Manager, The Resort, said, “The simple act of hand hygiene can lead to the prevention of several illnesses. The learnings from this activity are extremely important for people in their daily lives. Hence, we decided to mark this day as an important occasion. At The Resort, we follow all precautions for ourselves and our guests’ safety.”

The Resort Hotel at Madh-Marve has always taken its corporate social responsibility very seriously and used innovative ways to reach out to the public in general and disadvantaged groups.

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