Vedas Cure- Thyro Care & Kanchnaar Guggulu

Vedas Cure Thyro Care & Kanchnaar Guggulu: Judicious Treatment for Thyroid Problems & PCOS

Vedas Cure, a Noida-based supremo in online Ayurvedic treatment, has developed a new product, Thyro Care for patients dealing with thyroid problems. It has many Ayurvedic herbs like Gulab Pushpa, Jatamansi, Shatavar, Giloy, Amaltas, Laajwanti, Chandan, Makoy, Brahmi, Chirakmool among others.

Thyroid Disease is a medical condition that causes an imbalance in thyroid functioning and refrains it from producing the right amount of hormones. It causes problems in losing and gaining weight depending on the thyroid type and causes anxiety and irascibility. Thyroid patients face muscle weakness, low activity, and irregular menstrual cycles.

There are two types of Thyroid:- 1. Hyperthyroidism is caused due to overproduction of thyroid hormones and 2. Hypothyroidism happens due to the underproduction of thyroid hormones.

Graves’ Disease(causing overproduction of hormones), toxic adenomas, thyroiditis and intake of excessive iodine can cause hyperthyroidism. It results in various health risk factors like immoderate and excessive weight loss, rapid or irregular heartbeat, increased appetite, changes in menstrual cycles, muscle weakness and an enlarged thyroid gland.

On the other hand, the symptoms of hypothyroidism are lassitude and fatigue, constipation, dry skin, weight gain, cold sensitivity, depression, increased blood cholesterol level, joint pain, slowed heart rate, and puffy face among others. In severe cases, it can lead to thyroid infertility. Pregnant women also face many complications and issues during their pregnancy period due to thyroid disease.

Thyro Care will help in providing relief to patients by mitigating the after-effects of the disease and improving their metabolism. It should be taken after meals in 2-5 gms with lukewarm water.

Vedas Cure has also introduced Kanchnaar Guggulu which corrects the Vata and Kapha dosha. It is effective in curing uterine broids, hyperthyroidism, PCOS, lipoma, swollen lymph nodes, nasal polyps, non-cancerous tumors, polycystic kidney disease, leprosy and stula. It also helps in weight loss. Kanchnaar Guggulu is referenced from Rastantrasaar & Siddhaprayog Sangraha. One to two tablets should be taken every morning and evening by users.

Vikas Chawla, Founder & Director, Vedas Cure, said, “Thyro Care has been designed to tackle the effects of the thyroid problem, eliminate them, and restore it to health. Kanchnaar Guggulu reforms the Vata and Kapha Dosha of the body and provides a strong shield against many ailments like kidney disease, leprosy, PCOS etc. Our mission is to use the intellectual heritage of traditional healthcare, Ayurveda, to cure diseases and maladies that have erupted in the modern ages. Over 1000 people have used these products and the results have been very satisfactory.”

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