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TRUST of TRUST lab proves to be key core value and the backbone of expansion

Bengaluru, April, 2022 – TRUSTlab has proved that its core values create the backbone of any successful expansion. As it expands its branch to Bangalore, TRUSTlab’s co-founder and Managing Director, Mr. Venkata Cherukuri talks about the three key characteristics that have helped this world-class lab spread its wings to this extent – “Being Determined”, “Being Trusty”, “Being Loyal”.

The founders have rooted the base of TRUSTlab, a diagnostic centre in the new idea of “Handling Life and Delivering Hope.” The ideas were brain-stormed in the summer of 2018 and the fruition was in 2020. The ambitious minds have garnered thoughts and resources to channel their expertise, creating a specialized facility, adding world-class equipment, and adopting best lab practices catering to the objective of handling life critically, accurately and timely.

Endowed with top-class technology

TRUSTlab has a vast repertoire of NABL accredited diagnostics tests where every report is infused with trust. How? Every report defines accuracy and on-time delivery.

As TRUSTlab continues to achieve milestones, the lab envisions adopting Artificial Intelligence into the complex analytics matrix and providing the most accurate reports and decreasing TATs significantly. By deploying latest advances in technologies, TRUSTlab’s Centre of Excellence aims to be a grand hub of very specialized tests and an accumulation of advanced Genomics applications in Diagnostics.

Adopting world-class latest technologies, TRUSTlab is today known for delivering accurate results for even the most complicated tests.

Team work leading to expansion

TRUSTlab started its journey like every other successful venture from scratch. It is very well known that to thrive in a business is to be backed by world-class people. TRUSTlab team has top-notch Pathologists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Microbiologists, Haematologists, Geneticists, Biotechnologists, and dedicated support staff. Even with the pandemic looming large, the teams worked relentlessly day-night to establish the protocols and processes and make the dream a reality.

Within a year, TRUSTlab successfully faced two NABL audits! The stupendous and concerted team-work has resulted in a State-of-Art National Reference Lab and 7 regional labs within the first year of inception serving more than 350 Network partners. Strengthening this establishment and network, are Logistics and Accession departments, which play a very crucial role in fast and proper sample movement across geographical domains and labs. TRUSTlab has an intrinsic pan-India network.

Core values drive the vision

To drive their philosophy of Handling Life and Delivering Hope, it is critical to align the team and the customers with the core values of the company.

And the Managing Director, Mr Venkata Cherukuri has rightly done this by putting forth the three fundamental values for every employee to imbibe and follow:

Being Determined” – no matter what, NEVER give up.

“Being Trusty” – Hard to build but yields long-term fruits.

“Being Loyal” – loyalty to the ORGANIZATION – develop it as a trait and own it up!

With these three characteristics, there is no stone unturned by TRUSTlab to build a loyal customer base of more than 2 lacs and building more than 2,000 lab tests in a brief span of 12 months.

With a proud smile, he says that for “Handling Life, every sample we hold in our hands is not a sample; it is someone’s life placed in our hands with TRUST in us. For delivering Hope, patients hope to receive reports on time and accurate results every time.”

TRUSTlab’s Journey

TRUSTlab’s journey in the last year crossed many significant milestones. This diagnostic centre headquartered in Begumpet, Secunderabad, Telangana, had kickstarted by optimally utilizing a capital of 25 crores. To say it again, the lab has successfully delivered quality and accurate reports to more than 2 lac patients. Second, it has established seven regional labs within the first year of operations exhibiting the commitment of the founders and each of the employees. TRUSTlab looks forward to having a global presence by expanding its footprints to various nations, serving millions of lives, and delivering them the hope they deserve. This will attract another investment of 100 crores. This is just the beginning, and TRUSTlab is poised for a giant leap in “Handling life” in many ways by integrating Advanced Diagnostics and Research.

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