Department of Tourism, Govt of Rajasthan and UNESCO partnered to strengthen Intangible Cultural Heritage based Tourism in Western Rajasthan

Jaipur, April 2022: Rajasthan is globally known for its heritage. Rajasthan is also a goldmine of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). To highlight its ICH to the world as well as to ensure Tourism for Inclusive Growth, Department of Tourism, Govt of Rajasthan and UNESCO have partnered to strengthen Intangible Cultural Heritage based Tourism in western Rajasthan. As a part of the same a curated cultural programme is being organised at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on April 13.

A collaboration between Danish musicians and Manganiyar musicians of Rajasthan is the special attraction of this programme. Along with it, there will be a performance of Langa musicians followed by Kalbelia dancers. Handicrafts including Durrie of Salawas in Jodhpur, Jutti of Patodi & Applique of Chohtan in Barmer and Pottery of Pokhran in Jaisalmer will also be showcased. The programme, to be held at Madhyavarti (open air), JKK is open to all and entry is free.

The Danish music team is led by Maren Hallberg and Jørgen Dickmeiss and their bright and articulated music is rooted in the revived legacy of folk traditions from Denmark and neighbouring regions. Maren and Jørgen are part of the lively folk scene of the island of Fyn, whose music conservatory hosts the country’s folk programme.

The collaborative team from Rajasthan is led by Bhungar Khan Manganiyar & Manjoor Khan Manganiyar, from Sheo, Barmer. The music residency is ongoing at Folk Centre of Dharohar Lok Kala Sansthan, Sheo, Barmer.

Keeping the strong connection between the roots music of the world, we are on a journey of togetherness and UNESCO welcomes everyone in this program to experience this unique musical collaboration presented together by these talented artists from two countries.

The other attractions of the evening will be the Langa music led by the master Sindhi Sarangi player Asin Khan Langa and young talented vocalist Sattar Khan Langa of Barnawa Jageer, Barmer, followed by Kalbelia dance led by Kalu Nath Kalibelia of Chopasani, Jodhpur.

We take this opportunity to invite you all at the JKK programme on 13 April at 6:30 pm, which will certainly be a delight to you as well as will encourage the artists. Rajasthan’s strong Intangible Cultural Heritage has certainly the strength to open up new avenues in tourism including visiting artists’ villages and experiencing cultural tourism.

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