New Pokémon Show Pokémon Horizons: The Series Premieres on Hungama this May 25th

New Pokémon Show Pokémon Horizons: The Series Premieres on Hungama this May 25th02nd May, 2024: The Pokémon Company (TPC) has announced the launch of ‘Pokémon Horizons: The Series,’ a brand-new animated show set to premiere on Hungama on May 25th. For the first time in Pokémon’s history, the series features a female lead, Liko who alongside her partner Pokémon Myaoha will explore the exciting new world of Pokémon with another young trainer named Roy. At a press conference held today, TPC also unveiled the original opening and ending tracks composed by the music duo Vishal-Sheykhar and sung by Armaan Malik and Shirley Setia, created specially for Indian fans.

For over two decades, Pokémon has consistently captured the imagination of kids and continues to be the preferred entertainment among fans today, solidifying Pokémon’s position as a pop-culture phenomenon. Hungama, the leading channel in the kids’ genre, has been home to the Pokémon series since 2014 and has engaged millions of fans through the years, generating 87 million views across Disney Kids Channel in India in the last year alone*.

In addition to Liko and Roy, Pokémon Horizons: The Series also features other new characters, including interesting groups like Rising Volt Tacklers and the Explorers. There are many new Pokémon, each bringing unique abilities to the screen. Fans will see Captain Pikachu navigating the characters on daring voyages across the sea and sky.

The Pokémon Company has also struck a one-of-its-kind collaboration with composer duo Vishal-Sheykhar to produce original opening and ending songs specifically for the series in India, bringing a local flavour to the series. This demonstrates Pokémon’s ongoing dedication to establishing a solid presence in the Indian market and fostering collaborations with local artists and enterprises.

Sharing thoughts on the launch, Susumu FukunagaThe Pokémon Company, remarked, “The new series comes with a brand-new storyline, new Pokémon and human characters, so there is a lot to look forward to. You will enjoy a fascinating adventure on an airship and see how secrets unfold due to the mysterious objects the main characters possess. All this is packed into a heartwarming story of friendship and self-discovery. We have also created original opening and ending tracks just for India for the very first time. This has been a challenging and interesting journey as we wanted to ensure that the music and lyrics align with Indian sensibilities. I think the songs capture the essence of Pokémon very nicely. We are also delighted to air our new series on the hugely popular Hungama channel. Their reach is bound to take our content to viewers across the entire country.”

Devika Prabhu, Business Head – Kids and Infotainment, Disney Star, said, “Hungama has established itself as a popular platform for Japanese anime and Pokémon, especially has been garnering immense love and appreciation over the years. With a devoted fan base of Pokémon enthusiasts in the country, our network has been their go-to destination when they want to immerse themselves in a world of captivating stories from the franchise. Through our dedicated localization efforts, we have customized the Pokémon viewing experience to align with the preferences of our audience, ensuring its continued relevance and appeal. The series and movies have consistently ranked among our top-performing content, and we are happy to introduce a new series as one of our key summer tentpoles on Hungama.”

As the launch on May 25 approaches, Pokémon invites fans old and new to stay tuned for updates and embark on this thrilling adventure on Hungama.

*Source: BARC | 2+ India Urban | Wk1 – Wk 52’23 

Show Synopsis

Pokémon Horizons: The Series takes you on an exciting new adventure with Liko, a young girl on a journey of self-discovery with her partner Pokémon Myaoha, and Roy, a young boy who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Trainer. Liko possesses a mysterious pendant, while Roy has an ancient, unique-looking Poké Ball. Mysteries unfold and challenges emerge as they meet new Pokémon, make new friends, and fight opponents in their exciting voyage aboard a fascinating airship navigated by Captain Pikachu.

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