Amit Khaitan and Abhinav Anand, Founder, Quizbee (1)

Quizbee gamify education in Uttar Pradesh Through their GBL Technique, Quizbee enhances the skills of youth

Lucknow, April 2022: After witnessing high growth in online gaming in 2021 during the pandemic, online gaming is still booming in India’s most populated state, Uttar Pradesh. A high population has not ensured a high interest in learning from Youth though. As a result, a high populous state is still lacking when it comes to learning basic general knowledge and current affairs.

As the saying goes, “the youth is the future of the country”, the North India-based Online educational gaming platform Quizbee aims to enhance the level of general knowledge and current affairs in the youth of  UP as Quizbee gamify learning and makes it more fun. This Online education gaming platform focuses on all sections of people, especially on youth. With their Game-Based Learning (GBL) Technology, Quizbee helps youth in developing their skills and knowledge with various quizzes and puzzles to solve as it is a time-based game application that perfectly captures the cognitive functioning of brain cells, i.e., how quickly your brain can perceive a task and complete it within a set amount of time. As a result, improve their general knowledge skills while also speeding up their brain cells to answer quiz questions

This Gaming start-up is funded by Mr. Vishal Kanodia, MD of Kandia Group. On the successful development of Quizbee, he said, “The Quizbee team did an excellent job of swiftly bringing the application to life.’ They have created an application that has the potential to become India’s top real money social gaming community in a short period of time. We’re excited to collaborate with the team as they expand this application and take it to the next level.”

Mr. Abhinav Anand, CTO of Intelligence Game Pvt. Ltd, expressed his excitement with Quizbee’s success thus far, saying, “It is exciting to provide a welcoming, inclusive community for friends, family, and students to play and learn together. Quizbee is easy to access platform made for all sections of people that intend to attract youth who are looking for opportunities to gain extra knowledge by challenging their general knowledge skills & speeding up their ability to answer the quiz questions. Currently, our application is available only on the Android platform and we are planning to launch it on IOS in later stages.”

Currently, there are a few real money online gaming applications that would challenge the educational arena & Quizbee represents that approach. Quizbee is a knowledge & skill-based mobile gaming platform that intends to engage youth and increase their knowledge and skills with multiple paid challenges that vary across different genres like movies, cricket, travel, food, general knowledge & exciting puzzles.


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