October 3, 2023
Gillco International School - Feature

Gillco International School confers powers to the newly appointed student cabinet at Investiture Ceremony

An investiture ceremony was held at Gillco International School, in Sector 127 Mohali, on 4th August to announce formal inclusions of newly appointed students to the esteemed school cabinet. The event was presided over by the Senior Management Members at GIS, Ms. Navjeet Gill and Ms. Jai Sandhu Gill.

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The ceremony began with a sonorous rendition of the prayer ‘Showers of Blessings’, invoking everyone present with the belief in the power of faith and trust in the Almighty. The event took to a whole new different level of aura magnetism when the members marched to the stage in sync with mighty drum beats.

Gillco International School 2

The Investiture ceremony saw the office bearing students taking pledges to fulfil their duties with utmost sincerity. They swore to uphold the school motto of Knowledge, Power and Integrity and carry the dignity of their school in the highest regard. The students were conferred with badges and sashes by the Senior Management members at GIS, Ms. Navjeet Gill and Ms. Jai Sandhu Gill, The Principal, Mrs. Ruchi Sharma and the Vice Principal, Mr. Shiv Shankar Paul.

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They promised to conduct themselves in a genteel manner and always endorse the principles of the school through behaviour and work.

Mrs. Ruchi Sharma, Principal, Gillco International School, said, “The Investiture ceremony is a symbol of giving powers to students’ cabinet and showing trust in them to perform their duties in a committed way. They are role models for juniors and architects of the school’s future. It can both be seen as a daunting as well as responsible task. We have expressed our immense faith in the newly appointed student cabinet. They will discharge their duties in an efficient manner.”

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