October 3, 2023
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Vavo digital launches the #KhulkeJeena moment digital campaign on Independence Day

National, 18 August 2022: As India marked its glorious 75 years of Independence, Vavo Digital, leading influencer marketing agency launched a #KhulkeJeena moment campaign, to provide a platform for participants to express their idea of Khul Ke Jeena or freedom. The campaign was launched on this Independence Day and was open to LinkedIn and Instagram users and successful with the registration and participation of around 100 participants.

After 75 years, the meaning of Independence has evolved and Vavo Digital understands that independence can be very subjective as every individual fights a battle of their own. All one needed to do was tag Vavo Digital company handle along with the #KhulKeJeena in the descriptive post which could be an audio-video or image. Individuals from various paths of life felt empowered with this opportunity to express themselves. Several inspirational stories were brought to light by the participants and a few of them included – getting out of a toxic abusive relationship, freedom to make decisions irrespective of any societal pressures and to voice their own opinion without the fear of being judged, living a healthy lifestyle, or travelling freely, etc.

Sharing her views on the campaign, Neha Puri, Founder and CEO, Vavo Digital, “We are so glad to have launched this innovative and all-inclusive campaign that had varied participants ranging from our own employees to brands like Himalayan Organics, and individuals from all walks of life. Starting with me and speaking from my own experience, my #KhulkeJeena moment was me turning down the opportunity of studying in a top UK university and opting for our home-grown one in Delhi to pursue my degree. This decision helped me build a strong foundation before I took off abroad for my higher studies. Sharing this might inspire some teenager who is contemplating about his/her education choices. The response to the campaign has encouraged us to establish more such initiations.”

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