Deltin Poker Tournament - April 14-19, 2022

#Upthegame With Deltin Poker Tournament As The Registrations Go Digital

India, April 11, 2021: With excitement in the air and the sound of shuffling cards, Asia’s largest offshore gaming and entertainment destination Deltin Royale is all set to host India’s most celebrated series – ‘Deltin Poker Tournament’ from 14th-19th April 2022 which will be sponsored by Adda 52 Live. This year Deltin has #upthegame in many ways. The registrations for the tournament have been made digital and live on Deltin’s official website. Deltin Poker Tournament has committed to a no-queue registration process that can be completed online, to ensure players get a more relaxing time aboard.

Adding a feather to the DPT cap, Mr. Praveen Dwarkanath, Head of Poker, said, “I’m quite excited about the advancements we’ve made information of this year’s Deltin Poker Tournament’s edition. Being an avid poker player myself I understand the nuances of the process and registration is a key one. Hence; we decided to #upthegame and bring about an experiential shift that my fellow poker pals would find helpful. We are excited to host the tournament and invite the gamers to try out the new features we’ve put together.”

Apart from this, Deltin is all set to host the Women’s Special in the April 2022 edition of the Deltin Poker Tournament on Tuesday, April 19th, 2022. Deltin is committed to supporting a growing community of women with comprehensive poker skills by introducing a Women’s Special. The 10k Women’s Special Tournament will kick off at 8 PM with a starting stack of INR 15000, and an entry fee of INR 10,000.

“Honestly, as a community, we need to learn to #upthegame from all the achievements of women across various categories we’ve seen and heard of. If you go back to the origin of poker, the game was meant to be more leisurely than competitive. Having an all-women table makes it less tense and more enjoyable for the players and what better way to show our support for this progress than hosting an exclusive for our lovely ladies?” said Mr. Dwarkanath.

Process for registration:

  • Players will receive an SMS with a link and a code from either Adda52 or Deltin as part of the Deltin Poker Tour – April 2022 Edition.
  • Players can click on the link, fill in the relevant information, then input the code provided. An authorization code will be produced and shared on submission of the link.
  • The authorization number will be scanned and players will be given the Seating card for the corresponding event once they arrive at the registration counter in the Adda52 Live poker room at Deltin Royale.
  • Players will also be able to purchase tickets for the events using their Adda52 wallet this time around.

‘Best Assured,’ a highly secure and stringent safety protocol, is implemented on board to ensure that guests’ experiences are anxiety-free at Deltin Royale.

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