MICHELIN is INDIA’S first TYRE BRAND to get ENERGY LABELLING INSTITUTED by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

Michelin, the world’s leading mobility company, has become the first tyre brand in the country to be accredited with the recently introduced star labelling program of Government of India which is aimed at improving sustainability and newly introduced performance standards for tyres.

Michelin X® MULTI ENERGY Z tyre has been awarded the industry’s first fuel savings label with a 4-Star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The tubeless truck and bus tyre 295/80R22.5 X® MULTI ENERGY Z is manufactured and designed by Michelin in India and offers robust fuel savings, longevity with multiple re-treads and safety on Indian terrain. This efficient 4-star rated tyre promises up to 8%* more fuel saving.

Efficiency of freight transportation, which is a critical backbone of India’s growing economy will play an essential role in realising the benefits of various Government initiatives. As part of an ambitious road map by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for a smooth transition towards green mobility, a draft notification was issued in 2021 proposing that the tyres of cars, buses and trucks to meet requirements of rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling sound emissions, as specified in Stage-II of the Automotive Industry Standards (AIS). Under this process, Michelin India was one of the first brand to register the brand and was subsequently awarded with India’s first 4 Star rating for Michelin X® MULTI ENERGY Z

Ranganathan BHUVARAHAMURTHY, Executive Director, Michelin India Chennai Plant said “The introduction and standardisation of tyres performance and fuel efficiency parameters is a historic milestone for the Indian automotive industry, and we want to congratulate the Government of India for this initiative. As a champion of high performance and fuel-efficient tyres throughout our innovation history, we are delighted to receive the first star labelling for our made in India tyre, reinforcing our leadership in both innovation and manufacturing. In India, we are dedicated to offer our customers the finest products which is best tailored to the country’s conditions and with the most advanced global Michelin technologies.”

Devender SINGH Commercial Director B2B, Michelin India said: “Fuel is number cost for any fleet owner and fluctuation fuel price is major concern in recently. This first 4 Star rating for Michelin X® MULTI ENERGY Z opens a greater opportunity for us with fleet customers, who are environment and total cost of ownership conscious. With the introduction of the star labelling, customers will now be better placed to select tyres that are best suited for their driving usage, at the same time keeping their vehicles fuel efficient and safe. More and more certified low rolling resistant tyres on Indian road will lead to better fuel savings for Indian fleets and will lead to reduction of CO2 emissions in the country.”         

The new regulations will demand that all tyres sold in India meet crucial performance and safety standards such as rolling resistance, wet grip, and rolling sound emission. Domestic and foreign tyre makers and importers for automobiles, buses, and heavy vehicles will be required to follow the proposed mandatory standards starting 2023.

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