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JSW Paints launches its innovative product that focuses on consumers’ health & well-being at home

Pune, MAY 16, 2022: JSW Paints, India’s environment-friendly paints company and part of the US $13 billion JSW Group, has launched its product campaign focusing on the Halo Aquaglo range. JSW Paints Aquaglo is India’s first water-based paints for wood & metal surfaces with Germ Block Zn2+ion technology. Previously, Indian consumers were using solvent-based enamels, popularly known as “Oil Paint”, for painting wood & metal surfaces. These contain chemicals and solvents that have a strong odour and have a high VOC (Volatile Organic Content). As a result, these paints are not recommended for kids and people with health conditions as the solvents pollute the home with their unhealthy fumes post-application. Such paint products They also take a relatively long time to dry, creating inconvenience for the family at home and can be smelly for a week or two. On the other hand, JSW Paints Aquaglo is 100% water-based, has low odour, dries quickly and is completely family-friendly. Due to its quick-drying benefit, it enables the painting to be finished in a very short time as well. It also retains its shine for a longer period.

The Aquaglo campaign brings the focus back on consumers’ overall health and well-being through the Bollywood star and JSW Paints brand ambassador, Alia Bhatt, as she urges consumers to #PaintKaGKBadhao. The campaign also includes well-known artist and stand-up comedian Atul Khatri and brings to life the mass hysteria related to any new idea. Alia’s reaction to the strong smell of solvent-based paint being used on her newly painted door results in a social media tsunami and a cascade of jokes & banter with everyone joining in for a laugh, misconstruing Alia’s point that the oil paint on the door causes pollution, as doors cause pollution. This highlights the low level of awareness among consumers about the availability and benefits of water-based paints for wood and metal. Aquaglo is also the first paint for wood & metal in India with Germ Block, making it very safe for the family. The campaign is on air across leading TV channels across India and Disney+Hotstar streaming platform. The campaign is conceptualized by TBWA\India

According to Anuradha Bose, Chief Marketing Officer of JSW Paints, “Following the successful disruption of our Any Colour One Price initiative, we are now delighted to launch our thoughtful product innovation, Aquaglo. It aims to change yet another convention in paints of using only ‘oil paint’ for wood & metal. Our new campaign draws consumers’ attention to the clear benefit of adopting a water-based Aquaglo range of paints for painting wooden doors, metal grills and other such surfaces in their homes. Paint Ka GK badhao is a clear call to action to make India sit up and choose wellness and comfort.”

Speaking about the Aquaglo campaign’s attempt to change Indian paint consumers’ expectations, Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA\India said, “Paint category has been dominated by the same market leaders for decades without any real challenger. JSW Paints is the disruptor that is questioning the status quo prevailing in the industry. It is also encouraging the end consumers to get more involved because only then they will discover the best solutions for themselves.”

Commenting on the genesis of the core campaign idea, Parixit Bhattacharya, Managing Partner Creative, TBWA\India said, “A low involvement category, a great product and the nation’s sweetheart. Stir them well and you get a sensational headline. Paint Ka GK Badhao is asking people to make informed choices and shut the door on polluting chemicals.”

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