Add these nutritious products to your daily routine to control hair fall

Add these nutritious products to your daily routine to control hair fall

One of the underlying reasons for hair loss is said to be stress but we are stuck in a loop where we are stressed about hair loss, making it worse in a way. In today’s fast paced routine, important nutrition is often missed out resulting in skin and hair concerns. You can use clean hair care products and maintain a daily diet, but you will need an additional supplement to get a more holistic recovery or control over problems like hair fall, dandruff, etc.

Here are 5 products that you can easily include in your daily diet for healthy hair. 

Hair & Nails Vitamin Gummies by Power Gummies – 

Enriched with ten essential hair-friendly vitamins A to E, Biotin, Zinc and Folic Acid required for our body to increase hair growth and boost metabolism. Gorgeous Hair & nail vitamins by Power Gummies is a one-stop solution for all your hair & nail needs – Makes your hair shinier, smoother and longer, Improves texture, Combats and reduces hair fall and hair thinning and adds volume to your hair with continued use.

OZiva Biotin Hair Multivitamin Gummies –

When it comes to hair care supplements this Biotin Hair Multivitamin Gummies is a great option. Oziva Biotin Hair Multivitamin is easy-to-consume, flavourful gummies with a healthy blend of plant-based Biotin, Hair Vitamins, and Keratin-building Ayurvedic herbs that supports hair fall control, hair growth, and improved hair quality through repair of damaged hair. These Biotin hair multivitamin gummies also include Chicory Root, which contributes to their sweetness, it is an excellent source of fiber and acts as a prebiotic for better digestion. The pectin in these Biotin hair gummies acts as a gelling agent and gives a clean, short bite.

Carmesi Plant Based Biotin Powder –

For naturally stronger and healthier hair Carmesi Plant Based Biotin Powder is a great option. It is made with Vegan Sesbania Extract that is a healthier alternative to other supplements. This powder also controls hair fall and dandruff further leading to better hair elasticity.

Nutrova Kerastrength –

Nutrova Kerastrength is another good option for stronger, healthier hair. It provides hair with the nutrients that help it build, strengthen and grow and protects hair cells through powerful, natural antioxidants. Itn also leads to stronger, thicker and healthier hair and curbs hair-fall related to nutrient inadequacies and/or inflammation.

Dr Batra’s NutriGood –

Dr Batra’s NutriGood is made with all-natural ingredients & is filled with the richness of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), which strengthens hair roots and prevents dandruff and split ends & goodness of aloe vera, vitamin B-12, C, D & E. NutriGood nourishes hair follicles & prevents hair breakage, reduces hair loss & improves hair growth cycle with regular consumption, hair will become visibly stronger, thicker & more nourished. This product gives you taste without any added sugar & is packed with protein.

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