Adbuffs Joins Hands with Auli Lifestyle

Adbuffs Joins Hands with Auli Lifestyle

The global pandemic had resulted in an increase in both the number of businesses selling their products directly to customers and the proportion of those businesses that use digital technology to do business with those customers. There also was a drastic rise in the number of businesses selling products online and directly to consumers. In addition, there was an increase in the number of buyers who do their business entirely online. Around the same time, Indian television also debuted the pilot episode of its Shark Tank spinoff. The purpose of the event was to give business owners a place to pitch their firms to a group of possible investors, who would then discuss whether or not to invest in the businesses that had been given the chance to do so. Other firms reached out to them, and one of them was “Auli Lifestyle.” Ayurvedic enterprise Auli Lifestyle, founded by Aishwarya Biswas and managed solely out of her home in Kolkata, serves customers throughout South Asia.

After receiving funding post their appearance on shark tank, Auli Lifestyle saw a rise in both monthly sales (which almost doubled) and monthly revenue (which averaged between 30–37 lakhs). Since the infusion of cash, both of these indicators have risen to new heights. However, is it possible to let oneself become content with this situation? There is no way to confidently answer this question in the affirmative, which is why Auli Lifestyle reached out to Adbuffs for help: to propel the expansion of their organization.

The size of businesses that have benefited from Adbuffs’s diverse know-how in creating brands in the jewelry, personal care, and lifestyle industries has multiplied by a factor of more than ten, and we have the empirical evidence to back up this claim. Their customers from the jewelry, cosmetics, and home goods sectors have seen a drastic improvement in their businesses after associating with the brand. Adbuffs’s marketing expertise spans a wide range of sectors, from social media and search engines to email and instant messaging services like WhatsApp. One of their much strength is the creation of cutting-edge methods for doing business. Adbuffs has formed a partnership with Auli Lifestyle, and they plan to use both of their combined skills to push the company beyond its current limits. Adbuffs intended to encourage Auli Lifestyle to market beyond its current audience to achieve above its current expectations.

“The typical mind pattern of being dependant on only companies is gradually steadily evolving,” says Abhishek Maity,co-founder and Director, Adbuffs. “If you can successfully advertise your product, and if customers buy it in large quantities, you will be heralded as the next big thing in the business world. For what it’s worth, I do believe that your greatest strength lies in the uniqueness of your creative mind. With complete assurance, I state the following. If you crack that code, multiplying by 10 shouldn’t provide too much of a challenge.”

The collaboration between these two firms has made it possible for us to just sit back, and watch as brilliance emerges.

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